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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Mary was adversely affected by delays in getting the new computer she needed to run her assistive software

Image representing Mary© Disability NarrativesI needed a new PC, because I use so much assistive software, it, it was just ground to a halt. And even though I'd flagged this up in the summer, and I said "I've got to get this sorted before the beginning of term, because I need to get - obviously it didn't happen. And we're now in the seventh week of term, and I still haven't got my voice activated software running properly. So this term has been almost as hard as it was a couple of years ago. You know, it's been so difficult. And I'm sure part of it must be that I haven't conveyed effectively what I need, maybe it was me. But you say to someone "I've got a disability, and it's really important that - you know - I have this software. And I can't type for any prolonged period without it." And yet still it goes week after week after week with nothing happening. That, that's quite difficult.