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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Ruth would like the University’s IT Services to support people as they learn new assistive software.

Portrait of Ruth© Disability NarrativesBut certainly if I'm not managing a product very well because of my disability, there's nowhere to get specific help, because the IT support desks aren't really set up for that. They don't seem to be set up to help you use a package, they're set up for if something's broken or it's not working today, sort of thing. And they certainly aren't there to give you regular support and tuition. Or at least they haven't been. And so you always feel like you're asking someone a favour.

And I suppose - and my children have got dyslexia, so I've seen what's happened with them, and with their friends and people they know, and in that generation. And I think people are much more open than they used to be, and don't necessarily see it as a barrier. Just see it as something that is, and that they just have extra technology or different technology, and mostly it moves forward.