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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Liz was surprised by the amount and forms of support available to her to help her return to work.

And I met Caroline for the first time when I came to do the site visit here. But I’d been in email contact with her pretty incessantly [laugh]. Because though - she was actually really helpful around the initial computer purchases and stuff but. And, and the sort of voice activated software and things. She gave really good advice really early on around that, so. And that was - that was a huge relief. It was like ‘oh, not only do I still have my job [laugh], and people want me back, but there's also people who are trained in this, who are stepping up to kind of help'. And I guess I didn't expect that. I should have done. But, you know, I'd lived in my la-la able-bodied bubble of like I never have to think about things, so I never thought about what support might be out there. And I guess I assumed not much [laugh]. And I was wrong. Which is great.