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Disability Narratives

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Mary describes some of the support she got form the Staff Disability Advisor, including assistance with her Access to Work application.

Image representing Mary© Disability Narratives[The Staff Disability Advisor] has been absolutely fantastic. And that has felt like a lifeline, actually, having Caroline. So she was able to make a very effective case for support to Access To Work, to help me access that funding. And she's also very good at liaising with the department and college - department especially. Because there have been significant problems in the faculty with [um, um] doing the paperwork for my Access To Work. Such that I nearly lost the funding. I mean, it was outrageously bad. And Caroline was fantastic in writing. She, she has a knack for writing letters that are stern but friendly at the same time [laughing]. So she's been terrific. And having regular meetings with her have made all the difference in the world.