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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Verity explains the various ways the Staff Disability Advisor was able to support her.

So in some ways she was kind of an extra support person, somebody who I could get in touch with if things were difficult, and get advice specifically for more work-related issues. But a couple of times she invited me around when I didn't have any other support, because I'd got discharged from mental health services, even though I was still quite unwell. And my GP was away on holiday. So I remember going round and having a chat with her one lunchtime, which was quite helpful. Most importantly, she came to the meetings at occupational health, and because she knows her stuff it's quite helpful to have somebody talking about things like the Equality Act, and making suggestions of things that other people have done elsewhere in the university. And also taking comprehensive notes. Her notes were much more comprehensive than those provided by the HR representative in the meeting, and it was possible then to point out discrepancies [laughing] in the HR notes.