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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Maria explains how Access to Work helped keep her at work and maintain her independence.

That's a government scheme. They help people with disabilities, to go back to work, or to stay at work. So somebody phoned them, and they came. The first thing that they did was to interview me. The first time they came they spent something like three or four thousand pounds. Brand new computer, brand new machines. Brand new things, gadgets that I can use, that I didn't know they existed, to make your life easier but keeps you at work. Because if you think about it, it's cheaper for them to keep me at work, rather than for them to have to pay because I'm disabled.

And I said to them "I'm so pleased that you are doing this, because I want to work. I want to receive my own money. I want to be independent. I do not want to depend on the government money, I want to receive my own money." And then he said "We will get anything and everything that you need, to keep you at work." And that's what they did. They came, they order anything and everything. They are so quick, and so efficient. And I'm so pleased with them. So thanks to the Access to Work government scheme, I'm here. Now, if I resign today, then their help stop of course. Every sort of 4/5 years I have to contact them so they can check my equipment and normally I get a new gadget. I got one that allows me to be able to go to the supermarket on my own. It takes time read the products but I couldn’t do it before I got it.