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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Devon’s manager took an open and flexible approach to the time she was being assessed and treated for her knee injuries.

And I will say that my boss has been absolutely amazing. She has been incredibly supportive. And she's been good about transitioning my work to a more computational base. As well as if necessary me working at home. It's - she's been incredibly supportive the whole way through.

Well I mean, the - the first - you know, the first incident, and, and kind of after, after that, she. At that point I don't think we were sure - I wasn't sure of the amount of damage that had been done, what the prognosis was, where it was going to go. And we did about six, eight months of physio before the assessment was made, to go forward with the first surgery. So at that point I was still kind of hoping that we, I could get back in the lab and I could get to do the wet work, and she had basically said "This is, you know - here's some projects that you can work on without having to go in there. Let's focus on those, and then reassess when we know more." At which point she was like, "Well here's some more projects we can work on, that don't involve you getting in the lab." And so kind of - It's been kind of bit by bit, where – I’ve been hoping to be able to go back and do wet work. But she's always had work available for me to do without having to, to do that. Again, I, I cannot praise her enough, in, in terms of support and help she's given.

And keep me publishing, and keep me as a competitor scientist as well.