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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Gabrielle’s manager took a flexible and understanding approach to taking sick leave before she even started her new role.

Yeah. I was in the hospital bed on my iPad typing up and saying "Really sorry to drop this on you, but I'm in the hospital with - you know - severe vision problems, and I just wanted to warn you in case we need to put something in place. Like I would expect that I'll be able to start work, but I'm really not sure what's going on." And they got back to be right away and just said please don't worry about it, do what you need to do, basically. So. Yeah.

Okay. That must have been very reassuring.

It was [laugh]. Because I was sort of thinking are they going to fire me? Because that's [laughing] - I mean, I haven't started yet. I mean you usually have a probation period, I thought like, I wouldn't even blame them if they just said, you know, "You have some serious problems, maybe you ought to just sort those out, and well we'll either maybe -." It was a training programme, so they could have just said, "Why don't you just do this next year? We'll just hire you for the next sort of twelve month cycle." It was very nice of them just to say, "Just, you know, sort yourself out, and if you can start when you're supposed to, that's great. If not, you know, we’ll work something out." So, yeah.