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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: The speed and efficiency with which changes were put in place surprised, but helped reassure Liz.

And I think within the faculty there was a huge amount of support very early on. And so I think people within the faculty were willing to push hard, to get things done. So actually everything that I asked for from the faculty was done super-fast. So they fixed the door to my office, to make it accessible for me, so I don't have to use a key. They got new furniture in. They arranged my computer. They were waiting, they were on hold to see what other stuff I might, I might want. So I think there was an enormous willingness within the faculty to kind of get things sorted. And my feeling is that the people I dealt with within estates around the building works, had the same kind of attitude, of 'you need to get this done', you know, 'we, we weren't aware of that your situation had deteriorated, we thought things would be okay, we're really sorry they're not, we're going to get this done as quickly as we can'. So I actually think there, there's sort of systems in place, or whatever systems are in place within the university are, are actually pretty efficient.

And I guess I expected - Because I'm someone that hates a fuss, and doesn't want to be the centre of attention, and doesn't want people to be doing things for me - I guess I didn't expect that level of response. I guess part of me was just like 'oh, they're going to say that I'm being a total pain in the neck, and they're going to be freaking out about the cost issues', and all of these things. So I, you know, I had in my head that there would be a type of response. You know? A sort of - a typical bureaucrat response to this. And there wasn't. And it was just so nice, to kind of have people just go "Oh yeah, of course you need this. Of course. And we'll do it as soon as we can. Of course this needs to be sorted." And I guess I just didn't expect that.