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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Lyn’s manager was able to support her by making several small adjustments to compensate for her dyslexia.

Portrait of Lyn© Disability NarrativesOh, so in terms of the employment, where I work now, and reasonable adjustments. My, they - My department and my boss, my colleagues, have been very supportive. As I said earlier, I have assistive software which I think ought not to be called assistive. But it does meet a need, and it does help me compensate for the things I struggle with. So - And they were very reasonable and willing for me to go to occupational health to be assessed in the first place. There was no barrier, or - it was like "Yes, of course. Do. We don't, we're not insisting you go. If you want to go, of course we'll support you." There was no question about it. And then thinking about the technology I would require, having a laptop - that's fairly common practice in an [name] department, but having the freedom to install software I wanted, and buying that, purchasing that. Thinking about where I'm located, because I'm often distracted by noise.