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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Although Sue had a generally good experience with her managers, there were occasions when she felt unsupported.

And so one of the strategies that I needed was that when I got to the office, I needed somewhere that I could go and bring a mat and lie on the floor, and do some stretching, and just recover from the journey. And then doing that, I was able to then be at my desk for several hours because I could alter whether I stood or sat, and go for a walk, and that kind of thing. And with my line manager, I said - you know - "I need somewhere that I can go and do this." And he was a bit dismissive of that. And I don't - I don't think it was a lack of compassion, I think it was just a lack of empathy and understanding of, 'well why would you need that?' You know? Yeah. So, so - so that's why I say to a point. And so I've had to kind of push, and perhaps take more initiative to make those things work, to find a space I could go and do that. And to be - just to be determined to say "Actually, if I'm - I want to work, I want to come back to work, but this is what I need to make it work." And so I did do that, and - you know - and I've gone from strength to strength.