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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Susannah’s found it really helped that the support her manager provided was a natural, human, thing to do.

To be honest, I'm quite surprised how, how well it's worked. I think it's what - The system has worked quite well for me. So like you say, my managers have been really supportive. And I think they've kind of gone beyond just the 'this is something we have to do'. You know, they've, they’ve kind of seen it as, you know, this is who you are, this is part of managing you, is managing your health almost, and, and supporting you to do the things you need to do, to managing, to manage your health. And I think particularly my current manager has really kind of helped, in terms of making sure that I feel able to do whatever I need to do to both do my work but also stay, stay in control of my health. And that's really helpful.

I mean, I think - I don't know. I like to think that maybe it's because they wanted to retain me as an employee [laugh]. That would be a nice thing to believe. And that they saw this as a way of kind of supporting that, and maintaining that. I think they're generally good people [laugh]. You know, they just saw that as part of - I'm not sure whether they actually - either of them, actually kind of made the kind of disability link. If you see what I mean. I'm not sure whether we ever actually used the word 'disability', ever. And they just saw it as 'well this is - this is what has to happen for you to stay in employment, and to cope, and I don't know. I got the feeling that that was just them being a human being to another being, almost. And it was - it was almost like it wasn't, it wasn't being encumbered by policies and procedures, it was doing what was - what they felt was the right thing to do. And that sometimes that makes things a lot more natural.