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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Having a manager who recognised that a little flexibility can go a long way in helping someone manage their mental health was a great help to Verity.

I have fixed hours. But to be honest it's not a problem if I want to swap my days around, or when I was poorly in August I needed to sort out some medication, so I just texted my line manager the night before and she was like "That's fine, come in two hours later once you've sorted it out." It just makes it feel like it's a bit easier. And I also worked from home on one day when there wasn't going to be anyone else in the office when I wasn't feeling very well. Because I knew that my husband would be at home, and I thought it was better for me to have some company. I feel sure that if I did feel like I needed to work from home one day a week, that would probably be okay as well. If it was illness-related. It's nice working somewhere where you don't feel stressed about asking to go to the doctors, or something. As well as having that extra free day when you can make the majority of your appointments.