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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Jo explains some of the support she was able to get from the disabled staff network.

Portrait of Jo© Disability NarrativesYeah, so I've basically. I know we have the Disabilities Services staff officer there [Staff Disability Advisor], and the network is basically a list of all disabled staff [that you can join separately], and we are sent out news. So I've been involved in things like auditing buildings, hearing from sort of well known disabled people like Paralympians - when they come to speak at the university, we're all invited. So it's just sort of various things like that, you know - we get to hear about through this network.

And do you enjoy going to those things?

Yeah. Yeah. It's always nice to sort of meet up with other people who are having a very sort of similar experience in their work to you, in that they might need extra adaptations, or understanding from staff members. And it's always good to sort of share stories and experiences, and find out what's worked one way, and what hasn't worked other ways.