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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Friends’ attitudes to sickness can also (unwittingly) be frustrating, as Susannah recounts.

And also, it - I think the other thing that sometimes frustrates me is - and I've not had it from colleagues, but - you know, from friends and acquaintances and stuff. You know, you're out in a pub or something, and they're like "Oh, I might not go into work tomorrow. Might just pull a sickie." And I'm just sat there thinking I can't do that, I wouldn't even dream of doing that - I take so much sick leave, you know, I think really hard before I take any sick leave. You know, I'll go into work feeling like death warmed over, and - you know - in a lot of pain with a migraine. And I'll, you know, I'll literally - I'll only take - I'll only go, go home sick if I absolutely cannot work. Or I'm in so much pain that I can't function.

So I [laugh] you know, when people are like "Ah, you know, staying out late tonight, had a few beers, maybe I'll just pull a sickie tomorrow." And I'm just like - that's really, really frustrating for me, because I can't do that sort of thing, because I know how much sick leave I, I'm taking. And I know that that's adding up, and that I have to be aware of how much I'm taking. And, yeah. And it's, yeah - it's just hugely, hugely frustrating [laughs].