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Women in Science

Prof. Dame Sally Davies, first woman Chief Medical Officer of England encourages you to use this website as a resource to support your career

Hello. I’m the Chief Medical Officer of England, Sally Davies. Actually the first woman in a hundred and sixty five years. And my role is to advise government on all things medical but I’m coming at it from a scientific background having set up the National Institute for Health Research and been a clinical researcher all my career.

I can’t think of anything more exciting than science as a career and while it does seem rather daunting any career is daunting when you’re at the beginning. But what we need to do is support women so they achieve what they want to achieve and that’s why I really like this website and the resources it offers. I advise you to click through and look at everything. I’ve found it very interesting and rewarding. There’s lots of resources that can help you achieve what you want to achieve and I hope all of you have as much fun in science as I have had and am having.