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Women in Science

Portrait of Jennifer Anderson

Hazel Assender is an Associate Professor in the Department of Materials. (2017)

Portrait of Helen Ashdown

Claudia Bertoni is a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford. (2017)

Portrait of Alison Banham

Daniela Bortoletto is a Professor in the Department of Physics and a Senior Kurti Fellow, Brasenose College. (2017)

Portrait of Eleanor Barnes

Helen Byrne is a Professor of Mathematical Biology in the Mathematical Institute. Director of Equality and Diversity in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division. (2017)

Portrait of Lois Brand

Kristina Dahlin is a Associate Professor in Engineering Science (Entrepreneurship). (2018)


Portrait of Persephone Borrow

Charlotte Deane is Professor of Structural Bioinformatics and Head of Department, Statistics. (2017)

Portrait of Marella de Bruijn

Priyanka Dhopade is a senior research associate in the Department of Engineering at the University of Oxford. She was recently chosen by the Women’s Engineering Society as one of 2017’s Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35. (2017)

Portrait of Barbara Casadei

Alison Etheridge is a Professor of Probability in the Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics. She is a Fellow of Magdalen College and a Fellow of the Royal Society. (2017) 

Portrait of Carolyn Carr

Marta Kwiatkowska is a Professor in Computing Systems, Department of Computer Science (2017)

Portrait of Sally Cowley© Women in Science

Jane Langdale is a Professor of Plant Sciences in the Department of Plant Sciences. (April 2015)

Portrait of Molly Crockett

Tamsin Mather is a Professor of Earth Sciences and a Fellow of University College (2017)

Portrait of Kay Davies

Alison Noble is the Technikos Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Head of MPLS Division (Industry and Innovation) and a Fellow of St Hilda’s College (2017) 

Portrait of Tao Dong© Women in Science

Blanca Rodriguez is a Professor of Computational Medicine, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and research academic, in the Department of Computer Science. (January 2015)

Portrait of Lucy Dorrell

Judith Rousseau is a Professor of Statistics. (2018)

Portrait of Elspeth Garman

Angela Russell is an Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, in the Department of Pharmacology. (2017)

Portrait of Katja Gehmlich

Eleanor Stride  is a Professor of Engineering Science in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (2017)

Portrait of Anna Gloyn

Amy Varney works in the Business Team of a spin-out company associated with the University of Oxford Chemistry department. (2017) 

Portrait of Bryony Graham

Kylie Vincent is a Professor of inorganic chemistry. (2018)

Portrait of Alison Halliday

Julia Yeomans is a Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2013. (2017)