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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jane says that her scientific work ‘never goes away’. It is ‘always in your head’. She sees her work and the rest of her life as a continuum, not separate.

What about work-life balance now? Do you see there’s a, do you see life as a work-life balance thing or as a continuum?

I see it as a continuum. So I very much; and I think that’s always been. I think that’s part of doing science. It never goes away from you. It’s always in your head. It’s in your head in the shower. And I think, I think that’s one of the great things about this job because you don’t actually, I mean it was different when I was Head of Department, you don’t actually have to be anywhere at a specific time. So if you chose to do a couple of hours work at home, fine. And it’s very flexible. So I mean I don’t have children. I did up until recently have three dogs and that’s quite a commitment to, when you live on your own to work those into your work-life balance. But I just, I just see it as a continuum.