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Women in Science

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Video clip: Leanne’s work-life balance is ‘not so good’. She avoids taking work home but she works about 12 hours a day and some weekends too. This is partly by choice, because she enjoys her work so much.

Now a little bit about work-life balance. How would you see your work life balance?

Not so good. But it’s partly by choice. I choose to work the hours I do. I don’t feel I have to. There are, every now and then when, like anyone’s life things that get busier and things quieten down so there are times I do feel I have to work longer hours but that’s part and parcel, and there’s other times when it’s not like that. So that’s fine. But I actually choose to work the hours I work, and when I work, because I enjoy it. So I tend to usually do some work on a weekend. I work what I would consider myself reasonably long hours during the week but that’s my choice. I don’t…

Do you work at home?

I choose not to actually, I choose not to try and work, take my work home.

Oh so at the weekends you can come in here?


Can you?

I can go into work yeah. And I, I’d rather do that because I can go in say for a couple of hours and then I walk away and that’s it, it’s done. And I started doing that in New Zealand when I found because I was taking it home I never left it. So now if I want to work and stay in work, I work at work. I do take some home occasionally but I try not to because I find I work later and later into the evening and then that becomes, all you do is you don’t sleep so well and it just plays on your mind more so I try and work, keep my work to work and then it’s, when I walk away it’s, that’s it for the day.

So at the moment what, what’s your typical working, what would you be doing on a typical day?

I go into work quite early and I, on probably three or four days a week I go running at 6a.m. with our administrator.


So I’m usually back at my desk by half past seven. And then I work anywhere from half past seven till half past seven at night. Depending on what’s happening during the day, if there’s meetings and you don’t get things done or if there’s papers I’d like to finish or if there’s a grant deadline, and then I’m just about to go back to the gym.

That’s a long day.

It doesn’t feel a long day. Some days it does if I’m, and if it’s too long I just get up and you know that’s it, it’s finished.