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Women in Science

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Video clip: Samira is very busy with work and looking after her young son. At the moment she doesn’t have much time for sleep or for hobbies, but she has a lot of energy and life is rewarding.

Do you want to talk a little bit about your work-life balance now please?

I feel that I am striking that work-life balance but it’s a very fine balance and sometimes it doesn’t take very much to, to tip things one way or the other. However I think that with the right amount of organisation and dedication it, it can be done. So I obviously have factors such as having to leave work at a certain time to get to the nursery before it shuts.

So those, those are inevitable in many ways, but I make up for those hours by doing my reading and grant writing in the middle of the night when my son is sleeping. So I try to give both, both aspects of my life their fair share but obviously something’s got to give. At the moment it’s sleeping and hobbies which are non-existent or nearly non-existent. But actually I don’t regret those choices because no-one can have everything and I think the two things that I am focussing on are extremely rewarding. I have a lot of energy and I use it very, or try to use it very, very wisely.