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Women in Science

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Video clip: Eleanor goes dancing with her husband and finds it an 'essential' part of her life.

So what about your dancing? Is that something you do at home?

No. So I - we, well we used to do ballroom dancing in London. We've taken a break from that because the travelling was getting a little bit too much. So we do a lot of swing dancing in Oxford.

Oh, okay.

So there's a –

That's with your husband?


Yeah, Okay.

So, so I now help some of the teaching there. And that's two or three times a week.

So is that - so I mean that's obviously a pleasure for you.

Yes. It's essential [laughing].

Essential? Why is it? Because I don't dance, so why is it essential?

Because it's a complete release. So you - your mind has to be entirely focussed on it. You cannot think about anything else, so everything else has to be put into the background which is fantastic. It's social, it's exercise. The music just makes you feel better. Within half an hour, if you've had a terrible day and you're dreading the next day, it doesn't matter anymore - it's all gone. Which is brilliant.