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Women in Science

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Video clip: Angela works hard in the week so that she can keep her weekends free for her children.

I wouldn't change having my kids. I know everybody's going to say that but I really wouldn't. At the end of the day that's what gives you the focus being able to work intensely here to do what we need to do and then be able to just switch off and spend time with the kids. That's actually I think really important aspect of life. And it's certainly looking at my own children growing up, thinking about that we work on diseases that affect children, that's a pretty strong motivation so yes. I don't know if anyone can have a perfect work life balance but I'm pretty happy with the way everything has worked out for us at the moment.

And do you manage to keep your weekends clear?

I do try, largely I try to do that it's a little more difficult now my kids sleep less [laughter] when they were young it was much easier. So yes I do try and make time specifically so that the weekends is the only time we do have as a family so I try and make up for that by working really hard during the week, very early mornings if I need to, it's making the most of the time. I think actually the one thing I would certainly say about having a family is it makes you more organised so it forces you to actually focus on the things that are really important and get them done efficiently I'm probably more efficient now than I was before I had children.