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Women in Science

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Video clip: Tamsin tries to keep strict barriers between work and home life, to avoid working at weekends.

In terms of how, managing your home life, getting your work does work bleed into the home life?

Well we try and keep some sort of barriers, so we don't work at weekends that's sort of a rule. So from 5 o'clock on Friday until the children are in bed on Sunday the rule is that that, that's not work time. So you don't, you don't just say, “I just need to pop off and write this,” unless it's something utterly…


…utterly catastrophic going on. But even when I've been writing a grant deadline I've known that's going to get fairly short shrift at home if I say I need to go into the office for the afternoon on a Sunday. So that's actually quite helpful to have those sorts of, I'd not go as far as to say rules, sort of agreed spaces. We used to actually turn the internet off at the weekends as well, so that there was no way to sort for emails to sort of be sucked into some sort of device, but now the thing is more and more runs off the internet, so the children will watch their TV through the iPlayer and things like that. So that's by the by. I guess that we do work at home in the week, and the way that it goes is get the children from school, and then spend the time seeing them, giving them their supper and then getting them into bed, and then from about 8 o'clock probably I'll, if I don't have anything on or I'm not too exhausted, because sometimes I am, then I'll work from 8 or 9 until 10 or 11, sometimes a bit later to catch up with things. So do that in the week but, as I say, but then not work at the weekends.