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Women in Science

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Video clip: Kristina commutes from France and is in Oxford two days a week – she finds the time away from home benefits both her work and her relationship with her children.

So, I was just about to ask you about work/life balance and your partner's in France and you're here and how that works?

It works beautifully.

And so many women are jealous of me. When I started commuting two years ago, so my kids are now nine and eleven, so, when I started commuting they were seven and eight and I got to leave home for one or two nights a week and stay in a hotel and I got my own towel.

That was a big thing in my family for some reason my towel was always, someone takes my towel and we have a lot of towels. But [laughs] so it was a fantastic break. It was so nice. I'm so much enjoyed it and so many women were they like, “Wow.” They were so envious, so actually that, this commuting thing which and here they go, “Oh you should move your family here.” And I'm not sure I want to because when I'm here I don't have to think about pick up from school or anything. I can just work. I can go to College. I can do what I want. So it's, I have this period of time of freedom and I was also, my husband used to travel a lot. So, I was the number one caretaker but against my will I would say and now when I'm travelling and he can't, he's much closer to the kids. So, I think it's really good thing for the entire family and then my kids when I come home are much more valuable because I'm a scarce resource.