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Women in Science

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Video clip: For Eleanor, being a senior academic means less time in the lab and much more time doing admin, teaching, and going to meetings.

Well unfortunately, I mean, the more senior you get, the less engineering you do, unfortunately. So I would generally get in, check my emails. See what's happened overnight. I have a lot of collaborators in the US, and the Far East. So unfortunately that means you've got emails coming in all the time. I will probably meet with some students, have a quick check around the lab. If there's a paper to edit, I'll start working on that. I probably once a week will have some teaching to do, at some level. Lots and lots of meetings, lots and lots of admin to fill in, unfortunately. So, yes. Sadly a lot of it is spent in front of a computer doing various things. I would sooner be in the lab, playing. And actually still doing science, I don't get to do enough of that.