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Women in Science

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Video clip: Although Helen would like more time for her research, she finds her more senior role allows her to improve the research environment for her students and 'give something back'.

What I'd really like [laughs] is more time to do research, to actually do the research for myself. It seems that becoming more senior means you take on more of a managerial role and you facilitate students and postdocs to do the research whereas a large part of me would like to have more time to actually get my hands dirty and to do some of that research for myself rather than having to facilitate them to do it. But at the same time I also think I have a duty or, if I can sort of use my experience to help to improve the situation, the working environment for other people then that's a good thing, I have to give something back. I've had a lot in terms of grants, it's important to teach so if I can take on a more senior role and help to make the workplace a better place then I will do that. Also I think you can then serve as a role model to other women to say if you want to do this here's a career path, you can do this if you want to. Being a woman doesn't mean you can't be a successful mathematician, and have a family.