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Women in Science

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Video clip: Judith warns that you have to be careful not to get involved with lots of time –consuming committee work.

Do you find you get asked to be on particular types of committees or anything like that?

Yes, so scientific committees. I think it is the kind of things I was going the rich gets richer, but in the wrong sense because somehow when you are start to be involved to these committees then you're asked much more and more and more and more and so you have some, at a stage you have to say oh wait stop because then it's too much. So because what happens is you get involved in to one committee once and then people start to know you in this sort of spheres and so they are looking for someone else in some other committees and so, how do they say, who do I know and then it's always the same names coming and then you are getting involved into quite a lot of committees and that can be time consuming. You have to be careful not to get too involved otherwise you spend too much time there.