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Women in Science

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Video clip: Molly remembers reading a book called, 'What remains to be discovered’, which intrigued her when she was 11 years old. She also had a wonderful female science teacher.

Yes. So I’ve been interested in science for quite some time, since I was at least eleven or twelve years old. I remember going to a book store when I was about that age and coming across this book called, ‘What remains to be discovered.’ And I remember being just so intrigued by this idea of being able to discover things. And so I was simultaneously interested in, in astrophysics, the universe, but also neuro-science and the brain. And those seemed to me to be the kind of last frontiers if you will.

Around the same time I had a science teacher in the 8th grade and she was just absolutely wonderful. She was so enthusiastic about science and it was infectious. And she actually ended up pursuing a PhD when I was in high school and she was, she was a mentor for me and really, really made a big difference in, in me deciding to pursue science.