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Women in Science

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 Video clip: Carolyn feels she was lucky to go to a girls’ school where she was never discouraged from doing science. The headmistress was a mathematician.

So I think I was always interested in science. I think I, I know, I knew that I wasn’t ever particularly good at anything else, if you see what I mean, so to me science was always the thing I was good at, at school, and I was lucky in that I went to a girls school and it was a girls school with a headmistress who was a mathematician. And so there was, there wasn’t this sort of feeling that girls didn’t do science. So you either did science or you did languages and I went down the science track. And even though, so my parents were both in the arts, my Mum taught German, my Dad taught English, but my Grandfather had been a physics teacher and so I, we sort of knew it was in the genes. So I was always going to do science and because I was at a girl’s school, this particular girl’s school there was, it was never a problem.