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Women in Science

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Video clip: Anushka’s parents were both medics. She really enjoyed doing science at her all-girls’ school where there was a lovely maths and physics group.

So yes, when I was at school I had a really positive experience with science and thinking back actually I was at an all-girls school and so there were absolutely no reservations about girls doing physics and being good at maths and things like that. And actually had a really lovely maths group and physics group, and we had a lot of fun and I just really enjoyed it.

Both my parents are medical and I’m sure that had a lot to do with my subsequent career decision. For a long while I tried to fight it, I didn’t want to be just another, you know Asian going in to medicine. But eventually I realised that actually it did really fascinate me and it was a great opportunity to put together science and scientific principles with the human element, and to try and make a different to people’s lives. So that’s what inspired me, I think, first to pursue science and then medicine.