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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jane did a sandwich course at university which meant she did six months in a lab each year. She got two ‘fantastic placements’ which sealed her interest in science.

I suppose if we start at school then it was teachers and I think, I think most people will say that that teachers motivate you to be interested in one thing or another and for me it was very much the science teachers that got me interested in doing science at school. Biology, in particular, and so that led me to decide on going to University to do Biology and by the time I was sort of seventeen, eighteen, it was quite clear that I was very interested in doing things to solve problems. So I was very practically minded, and so I chose to do a sandwich course which meant I would be put into labs on placements for six months every year. So I went to Bath to do that because you could do, you do six months lectures and then six months working in a lab somewhere. And I got two fantastic placements there. One at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, which no longer exists at Lincoln’s Inn, and one at Coldspring Harbour and I think those two experiences are the things that really sealed my interest in science. I loved working in the lab. I loved, working in a, as part of a team and in both of those places, it was very much at the forefront of things that were happening at the time.