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Women in Science

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 Audio clip: Lucy decided to combine research and clinical work so that she could help understand why her patients were ill and what could be done to prevent illness.

I suppose a big thing at the time was, so now it’s quite standard I think all medical schools offer an intercalated degree, so a half, a third of, sorry half way through you, although it’s like a five or six year course, after your first two or three years that’s, all that’s primarily learning all sciences that underpin medicine, you do a, you do a sort of exams towards a science, a BSc. So you’d get a BSc half way through your course, and then you get a medical degree at the end. That hadn’t been introduced at that time in Southampton, but they had this one year of, what did they call it? Study in depth. So it was like a sort of research year and that was the fourth year, and I really, really enjoyed that and that kind of that made me think of, ‘Well I want to do research?’ But I didn’t think, ‘I want to just do research, I don’t want to see patients.’ I was very, still very much into I want to get on and do clinical medicine and, and you know apply the practice of it.

But I did, the questions did start to come to me as, you know rather, ‘Why are we always just reacting, it feels a bit like we’re sticking a plaster on a, on something rather than getting to the bottom of, you know why is this person here?’ And so I suppose that made me think about rather than treating people with heart attacks who are you know about to die, why aren’t we doing more to understand why they’ve got here in the first place and what we could do about that. So I suppose I, I did start thinking about medicine in that way and that made me think I want to go and do research next.