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Women in Science

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 Video clip: Helen really enjoyed her third year at Cambridge, when she did a BA before continuing her medical education. She decided she wanted to combine academia with clinical work.

So I applied for medicine and, and got a place at Cambridge and then there, as part of; both at Oxford and Cambridge you do an extra degree in your third year which is a very science based degree where you focus a lot more on research rather than just on the skills that you need to be a doctor. And I really enjoyed that and thought at that point that I really wanted to have a career that combined academia and being a doctor, so clinical academia.

And so then all the way through I’ve taken paths to try and, to try and do that and loved it as I’ve gone along. So during clinical school I tried to get involved with projects that would give me some research experience. I did something with the department here doing a small project. You can do special study modules where you can elect to do certain things, and I did a special study module in academic general practice, because I thought at that point that I might want to be an academic GP, and that led to a publication and then at that point I applied for the Academic Foundation Programme, which is something which combines academia and clinical training, and then subsequently an Academic Clinical Fellowship in general practice, and then after that a DPhil. PhD.