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Women in Science

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Video clip: Daniela recalls enjoying physics at school and was encouraged to pursue it by her teacher.

After middle school she wanted that I would become an accountant, so I could take five years, become an accountant and have a secure job. While instead I wanted to go a scientific lyceum which is a road that we have in Italy to become a faculty professor. You go to the lyceum and you go to the university and then you might become a professor, but that is a very long road and my mum was really keen that I would go the other way to get something faster to be able to support myself.

I was very lucky because when it was time for me to go to a lyceum in my own town where there used to be only a private school that allowed you to go through this route, and that would have been completely not affordable for my family. But that year the state started a lyceum in the town next to my one and so I went there, then I decided to go to university. My physics professor really encouraged me to go to physics because he was certain that I very talented, and then one step after the next, trying to take always the best opportunities that I could get, working with the best people, I could know of but it was completely fortuitous almost.


My life could have been completely different.