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Women in Science

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Video clip: Helen B's enjoyment in maths started at school, but it was not a subject she pursued outside of the classroom.

When did you start to become interested in maths, I suppose is a?

Right, okay so I was always very interested in maths from when I was at school, largely I suppose because I found it relatively easy, if that doesn't sound too arrogant and kept studying it. I really loved languages and English and it was a big decision as to whether to do maths or do languages but I kind of thought I should continue with the maths because it would be harder to do that in my spare time, so I decided to specialise in maths.

You said you always liked maths because you found it easy, not in an arrogant way, was this just in school or did maths sort of?

It was probably just in school to be honest with you. I wouldn't say I was the sort of person who in my spare time went around solving equations and thinking about maths all the time. I don't think that was me. I think I enjoyed it and I suppose actually by the time I went into the sixth form I probably would try and look ahead but it probably wasn't part of my culture. I wasn't being at home, my parents weren't saying “oh why don't you do some more maths?” or anything like that. It didn't occur to me that you might do that I just enjoyed it in school and then when I came home I went out and played [laughs].