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Women in Science

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Video clip: Studying science was a natural choice for Judith due to her family background and academic ability.

In my family it's, my mum, she's a scientist and my father is in Ancient Greek. So, it's like, it was the opposite of usual, I suppose.


So, science was natural, yeah.

Okay, okay. Did that help having….?

I suppose it's, probably I've never formalised it as, 'Ah this is my role model and I want to do like my mum.' But it's so, obviously when you have something like that. At least it doesn't look impossible because it's possible [laughs]. You have it in front of your eyes all the day, every day.

So, it's like a, so yeah. So, so that was no barrier, no psychological barrier at least to do science because it was an obvious way at home and I was much better in science so that was the second reason.