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Women in Science

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Video clip: Irene says that science is a ‘fantastic career’, and that it isn’t like a job. She sees it more like a hobby than hard work, ‘an absolute privilege and luxury’.

It’s a great career. I mean, it’s a fantastic career because of the fact that you know there’s endless, you know there’s unlimited number of things, you know, to solve and if you like finding answers there’s always going to be questions for you to answer. It isn’t like a job. It is truly like a hobby and it’s an absolute privilege and luxury…

Mm. be able to be a scientist and to be in a country and a University where we’re so, you know, as a culture, passionate about having an intellectual environment, you know, for Britain and the value of science and the fact that that’s appreciated by our government and others, that this contributes to society and therefore mechanisms are enabled through Research Councils for us to do that and Universities are well supported and what a, what a wonderful thing that you can be part of that job. It’s absolutely fantastic. So do it, if you love it.