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Women in Science

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Video clip: Krina said that a career in science is exciting and incredibly rewarding but it is also tough due to the difficult funding climate.

And moving on, have you got any messages for young scientists?

Well first of all to say that you know, a science career, academic science career is incredibly exciting and it gives so many that I would see as huge benefits to, to working life; a) it is incredibly rewarding because you can tend to do, to really research a topic that you are interested in and that you are passionate about and make a difference in that. It also, as I alluded to earlier, it gives you a huge amount of flexibility when you get to a later stage of your career.

The downside is that it’s tough. But then again I guess a lot of jobs are tough. You know, the funding climate is, is tough. Funding is not as easy to get as it would have been sort of twenty years ago. There’s tough competition out there. But I think, you know, on balance, I’ve always found that’s worth it and I’m, you know, very tenacious and want to try and, you know, do the best I can and see where we, where it leads us eventually. And I think ultimately that if you’re, if you have great ideas and you’re persistent that, that you’ll get there and people will realise that, you know, that you have great ideas.