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Women in Science

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Video clip: Alison suggests that a culture of openness that flattens hierarchies will help departments do better for everyone.

Do you have any messages for those people who are running departments?

Thank you and good luck, but no there is a key message and that is to maintain a culture of openness and to avoid hierarchy because if you really want to deal with the diversity issue you've got to accept that there are not going to be women and other, you know, ethnic minorities and so on, other people you might consider of as underrepresented in your department at every level.

And what you really want is open channels of communication that are not just the professors all meet for lunch and then the lecturers all meet for lunch and the postdocs all meet for lunch, you want things to transcend that, you want to be going up and down. And for goodness sake listen to your administrative support staff, in Oxford we're privileged to have the most incredible sort of civil service of you like, professional support, use it listen to them.