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Women in Science

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Video clip: Amy finds that a career in science provides many ways to help people and make a difference.

So, if I had a message to give to young women thinking of working in science I'd say, “Go and do it. If it's what you're passionate about it, there's so many opportunities in science. It can be such a rewarding career path to follow and there are so many different types of scientific careers.” I always thought as a, as a teenager that if you wanted to do sort of scientific or help people out medically, then you had to train to be a doctor, a medical doctor, which is just so far from the truth it's unbelievable. I feel like now I've really finally got to that place where I can help people in that way and ironically, I've actually moved away from science a little bit.

So, I still work with it every day but in a different way, and in a more overview way, and actually, I feel like I have more of an impact on eventually helping patients when we get drugs into the clinic. So not everything is always as it seems and my advice is to do a little bit of digging, get yourself, ask the right questions of the right people and get yourself a mentor and from there, well, sort of, the sky's the limit really.