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Women in Science

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Video clip: Priyanka encourages women to have a life outside of science, which can help them meet the challenges faced within it.

Do you have any messages for women, young women who are thinking of going into science as a career, academic science?

What can I say that hasn't already been said and doesn't sound clichéd? [Laughter]

I would say- I'm just thinking of what, when I was that age, you know, what message will I give the younger me I would say try, don't try so hard to fit in and be one of the guys, try and be your own person and value the kind of different perspective that you bring and, and also try and build a support system outside of work as well, outside of Engineering because the longer you spend within this environment where you're kind of a minority and sometimes you feel like you're talked over and, you know. Thinking about these issues all the time it can get quite frustrating because you can't change it on your own.

Obviously be involved with these kind of initiatives that contribute to changing the environment but also have a support system outside of it because when I talk to, you know, family and friends who are not involved with this they are so encouraging and so positive and, you know, so in awe of everything that I'm doing and I just, you know. I say to them it's not really that special, you know, [laugh] like I'm just doing the best that I can but it does make a difference to that kind of confidence and feeling like well actually I am doing something worthwhile because you kind of tend to get bogged down with trying to change everything. Yeah, so have a support system and be your own person.