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Women in Science

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Video clip: Judith thinks that girls should 'go for it' and be more self-confident about going into a career in science.

Any advice you might give to a…?

Go for it.


No, I think it's probably, I don't know how to phrase it. If I were to give an advice on something I suffered a bit but it's more like a personal default I have but might be related to the fact I'm female is one fact that we are not self-confident enough, I was not self-confident enough. So I, it didn't prevent me from having a career but it's just, it's just you make your life a little more stressful [laughs] and you should, and I think it's, when I see girls around I have the impression it's general feature and there should be more self-confidence, like there is no reason that a female not as good as a male in this subject, definitely not.