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Women in Science

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Video clip: Kristina warns that too much persistence can itself be a bad thing.

But I think it's a, I think it's a really important things and it told me that you should trust your own tastes. Not too much always because, you know, sometimes too much, too much persistence can be a bad thing but it's, this is one of the tricks I think in this being a researcher is that too much novelty in research is also dangerous. People say, “No-one cares,” because research is also engaging in a particular conversation people are having about the problem at the point in time and if you're too far away few people are going to understand you or be interested in what you have to say.

So there's a lot of interest in saying we should have more women coming in. We should recruit women. Women are not stupid, okay. We look at what happens to the ones that are recruited, and we say, “You know, it's a bit frustrating.” This is, I think law firms are a great example in which women get made partners. You work so hard. You don't get made partners because, for various reasons, non-discriminatory reasons and then you say, not only did I work harder, I get less rewards. I leave. I will exit, and I think sometimes from a, egalitarian, when we think about gender we think, “Oh that's tragic. You shouldn't have left.” No, I think you should leave because you cannot beat the system. So, you have to decide how are you willing to work within the system. What am I willing to take and what I do think is I think women should be more willing to walk. I think be willing to exit. Vote with your feet.