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Women in Science

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Audio clip: When Sally finished her degree in natural sciences she spent a year in India working in hospitals and health centres. This experience convinced her to start her PhD in London.        


And then where did you do your PhD?

That was at the University of London. That was in the Royal College of Surgeons. So at the time they had research laboratories. They, they don’t now. They’ve closed down, but that’s, that’s where I was.

How did you manage to get that?

Well, I took, when I finished my degree I took one year out because I hadn’t had a gap year before my degree. So I had one year out where I went to India for six months of that and spent time working in hospitals and health centres. I was trying to decide whether to go on and do a medical conversion course or whether to go straight into research and I became extremely interested in mycobacterial diseases; leprosy and tuberculosis. So then when I came back I was offered a PhD post to follow up that research interest.