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Women in Science

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Video clip: Before starting her doctorate (DPhil) Carolyn spent three years working for a large technology company that concentrates on imaging products. She worked as an analytical chemist.              


So I spent three years up there [Liverpool] doing research into, so I was an analytical chemist for the researchers. Researchers were making these different dyes that would be the yellow or the blue or the red in your film, and I would do the analysis of the compounds to see if they’d made what they wanted, which was a really interesting job because generally each day you solved the problem of that day. You would get a compound and you would analyse it, and you would say yes or no, it is what they want it to be. So you never sort of went home with the pressure of the world on you because you’d solved the problems of the day which was quite nice. But I also missed the sort of long flow of a research project, of having a project that was mine that grew.