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Women in Science

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Video clip: Marian teaches on graduate courses in obstetrics and obstetric anesthesia, subjects related to her research. She enjoys it because it is a way of communicating her enthusiasm for her subject.        


What about teaching? Have you done much teaching?

So I do a bit of teaching. I lead the, there’s a module in maternal child health on the global health sciences masters, so I do that teaching for the masters students. I’ve done some public health training, teaching for the undergraduate medics although I don’t do that anymore. I teach on quite a few graduate courses actually in, in obstetrics and obstetric anaesthesia, just related to the research I do. And obviously I have had graduate students which is, which is great.

You quite enjoy the teaching do you? That side of it.

I do enjoy the teaching, it’s very, it’s interesting though I’ve never had any, any training in teaching and you know as the daughter of a teacher one, one does worry a little bit about, well all my family are all either medical or teachers and I’m sure the teachers would say that you know, ‘Why are you not trained to, to actually do it?’, which would be hard to do alongside the research and if, if one had to do sort of more training to teach. I enjoy it because it’s a way of getting your enthusiasm [over], it’s a way of communicating my enthusiasm for the subject and I think it’s only natural that you want to see good people drawn into the, the field, coming along behind you isn’t it?