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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jennifer describes her job as an Athena SWAN advisor and facilitator. She still uses skills she learnt as a scientist, including data analysis, communications and writing.        


So, the main part of what I do, is advising departments on their Athena SWAN applications. So that can be academics or Heads of Department or administrative staff. I also help them to source their data, present their data. Run surveys for them, focus groups, kind of anything that they need to support them with their applications really.

Mm. Interesting. Have you found it interesting or…?

I did, I find it really interesting. I’ve really enjoyed the job. I think I was very nervous about leaving the lab, but I think with this job, you still, I’m still using a lot of the skills that I learnt in terms of like data analysis, communications, like writing pieces of, you know, writing documents, those kinds of things. So yeah, and as I say, I also had an interest in gender equality, and particularly as a research scientist…

… to then be looking at gender equality for academic scientists, I don’t feel like I’ve stepped too far away from the lab, or too far away from the research.