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Women in Science

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Video clip: Priyanka found her year working in industry to be a very positive experience, and her ongoing collaborations provide enjoyment beyond publications.

So how many years were you in industry then?

For about a year, not very long because then I decided to go back to University and do a postgraduate degree because although I quite enjoyed the industry experience I wanted to do more, something that was more creative, something that gave me more control over what I was doing in terms of industry everybody's working on a very big sort of project and it tends to be more task oriented so everybody has to kind of, essentially I felt like a small cog in a very big wheel and I wanted something different. but that was my view then as a 22 year old, 23 year old, now I feel like industry you know, we work directly with industry sponsors and their research and they have such a huge role to play in influencing the next generation of technology and what kind of research gets funded yeah.

Since I've been here I think maybe as a lot of people would say that you're not publishing as much as they'd like to but what I like about working in this group is because you get to work with industry sponsors we can almost have a direct impact on the technologies so some of the projects that I've worked on have resulted in, in a design change in the next Roll-Royce engine which to me is kind of slightly more rewarding than a publication.