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Women in Science

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Video clip: Kay chairs the Athena SWAN committee for the Medical Sciences Division. She says there has been fantastic progress from which both men and women have benefited.

The Athena SWAN movement. Has this department got an Athena SWAN award?

This department has an Athena SWAN bronze award.

Were you involved with that application?

I started it but it, that’s been taken over by someone else and the reason it’s been taken over by someone else, is that I run the Athena SWAN for the Division, the Medical Sciences Division. There’s a conflict of interest otherwise but I can tell you that we started the beginning of this process and I thought we’d never get there and there are departments that have done a hundred and eighty degrees. It’s hugely improved awareness of these issues and, actually, I think it’s improved a lot for both men and women within the university. And, because of the positive attitude that’s come out of the centre and the investment that’s been put into the officers that have helped the departments deliver on this, I mean they’ve been key to the progress. I think it’s been fantastic. We’re not there yet.


But it’s been, you know, a real positive.