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Women in Science

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Video clip: As part of her work for Athena SWAN Leanne has set up a newsletter. People are more aware of opportunities to work flexible hours, and to gain support for fellowship applications.

I set up a newsletter which we send out every three months, that I put together, about what’s happening in the building, what people are doing, introducing new people, who’s leaving, who’s coming, who’s going, who’s had babies, and actually what people have moved on to do, if they’ve chosen to leave or some people have retired. Some people have moved on after post-doc’s. They’ve gone into completely different careers, what they’re doing. So I’ve, I do enjoy it and it is probably a reasonable amount of work, without realising it’s a reasonable amount of work.

Can you summarise what the positive changes there have been?

I think there’s been more flexible working hours for those that have care giving responsibilities and not necessarily mothers. I think we offer people the opportunity to work flexible hours, which is nice.

To do what?

To do flexi-time.

Oh yes.

We are far better at communicating what’s happening in the building so there’s a lot more transparency. There’s a lot more encouragement through mentoring so people are aiming to go for fellowships, we’re providing them a lot more support. Maybe those trying to get out or it or trying to work out where their next move is, they’re trying to sit down, they are setting up a new career development group that will provide support for people wanting to move forward or, or change.